MC figures out that GD & Seungri sleep together

18 Nov

MC: Why did Seungri choose you, G-dragon? (The question was, “why couldn’t you sleep?”

GD: Didn’t you sleep really peacefully?

Seungri: Yeah, it was good…but why did you talk to someone on the phone in the room? I was sleeping and then I heard someone talking. I looked and it was Jiyong hyung. He started talking really loud with his friend too! Why did you call someone while I was sleeping??

MC: Oh…you two….sleep on the same bed. One is sleeping, one is talking on the phone? G-dragon, why is that?

GD: I didn’t! I don’t have a cell phone. I think there’s a mistake. It’s someone else…probably the manager.

Seungri: Hyung……you were using my cell phone too…

GD: Okay yeah I used Seungri’s cell phone a few times before but….

MC: Oh my god…what kind of relationship do you 2 have?

 *points to Seungri* I think you like me and that’s why you said that..


credits to: jwalkervip.tumblr


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