2NE1’s Mini Album Ranked #3 by KASPM: The Korean Association for the Study of Popular Music

29 Nov


Kim Gwang Hyeon ★★★ These girls’ songs that are from the emotions of females are, to say the least, a hot item in 2011.

Kim Bong Hyeon ★★★ Although a bit different to my tastes, I agree that their songs are well-made to expose the emotions of girls.

An Byeong Jin ★★★☆ They’re certified with the most successful sound in the current pop music scene.

Lee Tae Hun ★★★☆ They’re popular but their appeal is in how they’re not typical. They know how to survive in the overpopulated music market of girl groups.

Choi Ji Seon ★★★ They can reach past many branching paths in a single period.

Full Ranking List

  1. Wonder Girls — Wonder World
  2. Brown Eyed Girls — Sixth Sense
  3. 2NE1 — 2nd Mini Album
  4. Sunny Hill — Midnight Circus
  5. Secret — Moving in Secret
  6. G. Na — Black & White
  7. G.Na — Top Girl
  8. SNSD — The Boys
  9. Davichi — Love Delight
  10. Kara — Step
  11. f(x) — Pinocchio
  12. 4 Minute — 4 Minutes Left
  13. Rainbow — So?
  14. Miss A — Class A
  15. Hyuna — Bubble Pop
  16. JQT — Peek-a-boo
  17. Sistar — So Cool

In order for The Korean Association for the Study of Popular Music to “unite musical bonds of the public, promote the musical development of popular music and contribute in fostering a wholesome public perspective”, the Institute of Minstry of Culture and Tourism  of South Korea was established on June 23rd, 2002. The office building is in the Seoul Metropolitan in room 401 at the Nakwon Building, 236-1 Jongro Nakwon-dong.

Source: Link http://kaspm.net/
Translated by aNono @ygladies.com

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