Dara’s me2day update before MAMA

29 Nov


마마 준비중…!!!+.+음악 축제 답게 지금 굉장히 즐거운 무대들이 준비중인거같네요!!!우리 오늘 놀준비 됐어요!^0^다들 준비됐어요???봄이두 많이 나았으니 다들 걱정은 노노노노! 오늘 멤버들 기분 다 좋습니다!꺅!채린이도 멋잇어!+.+투애니원 놀자!!!^.^

TAG: 마마 본방사수 고고고!!! 모두들 즐겨주세요! ^.^

Preparing for Mama…!!!+.+ Preparing for a really fun stage that’s suitable for a music festival right now!!! We’re ready to play today!^0^ Is everyone ready??? Bommie’s also a lot better now so no no no no need to worry! The members are feeling great today! Kyak! Chaerin super cool too!+.+ 2NE1 Nolja!!!^.^

Watch Mama live go go go!!! Have fun everyone!^.^

Source: Dara‘s me2DAY
Translated by: GEE@YGLadies.com


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