Thankful Dara is Back in Cold Korea but Updates About Hot Singapore

1 Dec

Update #1:

한국도착!^_^ 아까 밍끼 찾으러 올라간 수영장에서 내 사진만 찍고왔네요!ㅋㅋ싱가폴 한여름이라고 시원해보이게 밝은색 옷 위주로 가져갔는데 생각보다 넘 더워서 후드티의 팔을 잘라버리고 급조한 의상!!!ㅋ나시를 입었는데도 땀이 송글송글~맺히더라구요!근데..지금 넘 추워요ㅠ

Arrived in Korea! ^_^ Earlier, I went to the swimming pool to try and find Mingkki but ended up just taking pictures! Ke ke I didn’t bring any bright-colored summer clothes in Singapore, and I really wanted to look cool (T/N: Cool as in, not hot and all suffocated, what with the weather and everything), so I got my hoodie and snipped off the arms to hastily make an outfit!!! Ke But even though I was wearing that, my sweat was still going *drip drip* ~ I needed to wear something cooler! But.. Now, it’s cold again ㅠ

Update #2:

투애니원~!^0^ㅋㅋ 비록 수영은 못하고 왔지만 선탠하는척도 해보고 나름 막바지 자유시간을 즐겁게 보내구 왔어용! 어제 마마 시상식에서 뜨겁게! 응원해준 싱가폴팬분들 ~ 췌일잘나가아~!+.+ 덕분에 더 신나서 잘논거같아요! 다음엔 싱가폴에서도 콘서트해보고싶어요!^.^

Tags: 싱가폴 랙잭이들 고마워용! 다음에 또 봐요~! ^.^

2NE1~! ^0^ Ke ke Although I wasn’t able to go swimming, I’m trying to get a suntan at the last minute, enjoying our stay here during our free time! Yesterday’s MAMA ceremony was so hot! To all the Singapore fans who cheered us on ~ you are the best~! +.+ I think everything was more exciting because of it! I’d really want to have a concert in Singapore next year! ^.^

Tags: Singapore Blackjacks, thank you! See you next time~! ^.^

Update 3#:

와쌉?^.^그저깨 우리가 감사의 인사를 못전한분들이 많아요~!ㅠ아쉬워서 이렇게라도 전하고싶어용!이번에 우리랑 같이 싱가폴 출동해서 돌봐주신 우리 젤~이뻐해주시는 지누오빠! 글구 한국에서 모니터하며 지켜봐주구 축하해주신 와쥐빼밀리~선배님들!~^0^ 항상 넘 든든합니다!

Wassup? ^.^ I just woke up, and I wanted to thank all the people who greeted us~! ㅠ I just wanted to convey our gratitude to everyone! Even this time while we were going to Singapore, we took care extra care ~ Our Jinu-oppa is rejoicing with us! YG Family, who monitored and watched us from Korea, celebrated with us and sent their congratulations ~ All the sunbae-nims (T/N: Seniors)~ ^0^ Always standing strong with us!

Update #4:

우리랑 365일 같이 고생하고 같이 웃고웃는 울 스탭들! 매니저팀+메이크업팀+헤어팀+의상팀!캬~ 글구 우리 무대를 훨씬! 빛나게 해주는 멋쟁이 하이텍!섹쉬한!~크레이지! 이분들이 없었다면 이건 상상~도못할일이죠!^_^다들 넘 고맙구!…사…사..사!ㅋ하트해용!뿅!+.+ㅋ

All 365 days with us, the staff went through so much trouble, laughing when we laugh, crying when we cry! Manager Team + Make up team + Hairstyle team + Costume team! Kya~ Helping out our stages so much! The always fashionable Hightech! The very sexy ~ Crazy! Just merely imagining our condition without these people ~ I can’t! ^_^ All of you guys, thank you!… you…you…you! Ke Pardon my crazy heart! Ppyong! +.+ Ke

Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara


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