“Eat Your Kimchi” Interview Mentioning Big Bang and 2NE1

1 Dec

▶ YG STYLE, [they] believe that they will be popular in North America as well…

Simon and Martina picked BIG BANG and 2NE1, under YG entertainment, as idols who would be able to become popular in North America.

“We visited the University of Toronto a while back, back in our home city (Toronto, Canada). Not only did we meet our fans, but also K-POP fans, as well. When we asked, ‘do you like SNSD?’ [they answered] ‘YES!!’, then asked ‘do you like SHINee?’ they yelled ‘YES!!’. But when we asked ‘do you like Big Bang?’ everyone screamed ‘KYAA-AH!’, and we were shocked. Taeyang’s already famous.”

They believe that the ‘YG style’ will attract a lot of popularity in Europe and America, and playfully advised to check out the ‘evidence'(?) footage from their visit to Toronto University.

Source: heraldbiz.com
Translated by ALEX @ bigbangupdates.com


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