Seungri’s 1st Japanese Pictorial Interview (2/3): BIGBANG

1 Dec

By the way, how is it like backstage during a concert? 
Of course I’m stressing out; same with the rest of the members but no one will mention things like “Aish…so stressed”. To me, it seems Taeyang always goes to the washroom (laughs), while GD is always talking to the members asking us how are things going, is everything going well? etc. He totally fulfills his responsibility as a leader…and then there’s me. Sitting and looking at what my hyungs are doing..

Oh? Maknae is surprisingly calm, observing the hyungs’ success and failures.
Yes, yes because I’m surrounded by my hyungs so I have to listen to them. I learn by watching them and they also teach me a lot of things. When I first started, I always made them angry because I didn’t know much but it’s a lot better now. Besides, I can’t only be cute just because I’m the maknae. I also need to start acting like an adult (laughs).

So…Seungri is a mature person?

So direct….hahaha.
But I have a delicate heart.

Specifically, how delicate is it?
I can’t stay mad at people. Sometimes I feel that I will feel better if I get angry, but I always hold it in. I never tell people how I really feel. I’m a typical Blood A type.

But don’t you say whatever you want?
I will say as much as I can if it’s about BIGBANG…”This is what I think…I think this way is better”. I am able to express myself like that in front of the members. The most remarkable thing about GD being the leader is that he is able to grasp the ideas of the members fairly well and then make a conclusion from them. The result of BIGBANG’s ideas and direction is the middle ground from our original ideas, so even if it strays away from my original idea, I can still accept it.

He’s a very reliable leader.
And that’s why I think we’re a very good group. We haven’t fought once even though our personalities are all different. The only thing we have in common is that we’re all able to be serious when we need to be, especially Taeyang. He’s especially serious, especially gentle. Ah….except Daesung. I still haven’t been able to grasp what he is really like…

He’s a mystery?
I have no idea what he does in his personal time while I know roughly what the other members do. Daesung is like a mystery to me, like an alien…Oh yes, Daesung seems very friendly and happy all the time right? But he is the most shy (laughs). TOP is the oldest and to the maknae (me), he’s the easiest to get along with…but he’s too scary. Blood type B are so careful when you interview him (laughs).

Will I get criticized by TOP?
You will, you will. When I get criticized, all I say is “sorry, sorry, I’ll be more careful next time..” Hahaha.

Avoiding conflict…what a miserable blood type A (laughs)
Haha…but that’s what makes BIGBANG so interesting – our different personalities. There’s never 2 members that’s almost the same.




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