Dara’s me2day updates about YG Family

2 Dec


지금 우린 체조경기장!!! 아주아주 멋진~ 럭키가이~! 칠선배님의 리허설을 보고있는데요.. 우와… 0.0 이런 멋진공연을 라이브로! 코앞에서 보다니! 정말… 캬~!!! 진짜…! +.+ 스포하면 안되니까.. 여기까지!!! 궁금하신분들 이틀만 참아요!^_^

Now at Gymnastics Stadium!!! It’s really great ~ Lucky people (T/N: Referring to Seven’s fanclub..)~! Now watching seven sunbae’s rehearsal.. Wow.. 0.0 This is going to be a wonderful live concert! Even more if you’re right in front! I.. Kya~!!! Really..! +.+ I’m not supposed to spoil it.. So it’s until here only!!! Please endure your curiosity for two more days! ^_^




와아~!스탠딩에서 공연보면 이런 느낌이구나~!+.+완~전!신나는데요?!? 폴짝폴짝 뛰어요!뛰어!^0^ㅋ지금 짱 멋잇는 븐느님 리허설 끝나고 빅뱅 등장!빠밤!!!+.+으아~!오늘 계속 소름돋네!진짜 짱!멋잇어요!ㅠ이거 라이브음원도 갠소하고싶어요!아..여기까지!ㅋ스포금지!
입이 근질근질 너무 멋있는 재밌는 무대들 한가득! +.+ 비밀!!! 쉿..

Wow~! So this is the feeling of standing in front like this during a performance~! +.+ Per~fect! Are you guys excited?!? Let’s jump *bounce, bounce*! Jump! ^0^ Ke After the totally cool Ven-nim’s rehearsal, Big Bang has appeared! Ppabam!!! +.+ Wahhhh~! Today, the goosebumps keep on appearing! Really jjang (T/N: jjang = awesome, totally cool, greater than great, you know what I mean)! So cool! ㅠ I really want to give live spoilers! Ah.. until here only again! Ke I’m banned from spoiling!

Tags: My mouth is really itchy to give fun spoilers about all the interesting and cool stages! +.+ But it’s a secret!!! Shhhh..


Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


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