[me2day] CL receives Rilakkuma slippers

2 Dec

신상 슬리퍼 선물받아서 기분이좋은 푸둥린~!!!+.+ 이런모습을 보면 천상 아가린이다~!ㅋㅋㅋ 이런 아이가 무대에만 서면 그런 카리쓰마를 뿜다니! 캬~!!!+.+ 씨엘과채린! 무대에서와 일상에서의 갭이란..! 우리의 귀요미 리다! ^_^ 우쭈쭈쭈~!!!

TAGS: 와이지 패밀리 현장리허설 시작!!! 두구두구두구두구…!!!

Pudoong-Rin is feeling good after receiving her own slippers as a gift~!!!+.+ When you look at her like this, you just see BabyRin~! kekeke This child is completely different to the charismatic person you see on stage! Kya~!!!+.+ CL and Chaerin! The gap of her onstage and her everyday..! Our cute leader! ^_^ Oohjujujuju~!!!

TAGS: The YG Family have started rehearsals at the venue! Dugudugudugudugu…!!

T/N: Note that “oohjujujuju” is baby cooing sound and “dugudugudugudugu” is heartbeat sound.


Source: Dara me2day
Translation: Caz@CLtheBaddestFemale.com


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