YG Family Concert Flashback

3 Dec


This is based on the tweets of various fan clubs :) So if I’m wrong in translating some, then please correct me kindly.



* 2ne1 was first on stage and did their hit single “Fire”

  • Bom wore a short, long sleeved dress
  • CL wore a blue jacket paired with black pants
  • Dara with her Palm-tree-hairstyle
  • Minzy wore a transparent jacket (?)

*2NE1 then performed Can`t Nobody on stage. Heard that Minzy really burst with energy during their performance. But I bet they all did though :)

*2NE1 introduced themselves afterwards, did some talking then performed Go Away next

*Big Bang went on stage next and performed Tonight Remix

  • Heard that they all wore white and black suits ?
  • GD had a guitar performance
  • The crowd went wild with Daesung’s performance

*Big Bang then performed Hands Up, also did some talking, then performed Love Song, Acoustic Version

  • Sengri got some flowers from the audience during their Hands Up performance I think
  • GD and Daesung talking so fast during their introduction

*Gummy was next on stage and performed I’m Sorry Remix. TOP wasn`t there with her though, and she was the one rapping his parts. The songs had a dance beat in it

*Se7en was next and did Better Together and Digital Bounce

  • Se7en was wearing an all black outfit with a silver sparkly vest with a hoodie
  • TOP then joined him during his Digital Bounce performance. He was wearing a checkered coat
  • TOP told him “I LOVE YOU” after their performance :))
  • Se7en then drank water and threw the bottle in the crowd

*Se7en did his new song Angel and Passion

*JinuSean went to perform Telephone next

  • Se7en joined him in his performance
  • Se7en did a hand stand!
  • GD also joined them on stage when they were talking with the crowd and doing introductions. He was wearing a black jacket and orange baggy pants

*JinuSean then performed Tell Me with Dara

  • Dara wore a red short dress
  • Jinu with his hands on Dara’s shoulder :P
  • Sean took off his shirt

*Tablo then sang Bad with 2NE1’s Bom then did his introductions afterwards. He introduced himself as YG’s Maknae. Bom wore a black net stocking

*Tablo then sang Air Bag with Gummy. She was wearing a white gown.

*Tablo and Taeyang’s Tomorrow performance

  • Taeyang was wearing a green reopard pattern jacket

*Daesung and se7en singing 2NE1’s It Hurts

*Daesung, se7en, Seungri and Taeyang then singing 2NE1’s Lonely, Acoustic Version

*GD&TOP performing Oh Yeah with 2NE1’S Cl and Minzy.

  • Cl and Minzy wore their Lonely Japan Costume
  • GD wore an orange suit then TOP wore a blue one

*GD &TOP performed High High. The crowd was going crazy because of this

*PSY then went on stage and did an awesome performance with Dara. Her appearance was short though.

*PSY then performed Champion next

*Seungri then performed Se7en’s song but he can`t continue because he is laughing hard. He wore a se7en inspired costume.

*Se7en then took over and performed on stage with roller skates on. He then sang Lalala

*2NE1 then performed on stage again. They sang their hit songs I Am The Best, Clap your Hand, and Ugly.

  • They wore white with silver plates, different versions of what they wore in MAMA IATB perf, only in white!
  • They sang Ugly with Gummy

*Gummy performed on stage and played the piano. She then sang her own version of GD’s Heartbreaker. It was a jazz-like version. GD then joined her on stage

*Big Bang performed Haru Haru Acoustic Version, Lies and Heaven

*2NE1 and Gummy performed Last Farewell

*Big Bang performed 2NE1’s I Am The Best. GD as CL, Seungri as Dara, TOP as Bom and Dae as Minzy. Taeyang was being himself :))

*All YG Family went out and danced PSY’s dance

  • TOP and PSY doing a dance showdown



Credits to: @omg_soda, @bbvips, @welovedara, @blackjackbelle







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