[FAN ACCOUNT] GD and Seungri Moment at YG Family Concert

5 Dec

After BIGBANG came out singing Tonight, Love Song, Cafe etc, it was the time for them to talk about their feelings. Seungri said, “Why don’t our leader speak something?” & then when Kwon Jiyong started to prepare, the fans screamed really loud. Jiyong said he realized how important the stage was to him and was very sorry to all the fans when he made them worried. After that, they sang Heaven? or something like that and then Jiyong held Seungri tightly and started to sing.

There were lots of other times on stage when the both of them would look at each other and smile.Whenever Seungri came out doing some funny gestures, Jiyong’s smile “soared through the sky”.

At the end when YG Family came out to say their thanks, Seungri said he wanted to thank Yang Hyun Suk president. Psy then said, “Ah…our Seungri is a smart boy who knows how to work his way in society…”, and then Jiyong kept touching Seungri’s hair and laughing like crazy. Also, Seungri was the first one to run over to Jiyong to put his arm around his shoulder…I think he was worried that Jiyong would be too nervous on the stage so he was there to comfort? & encourage him…

To be able to witness that was so heartwarming ᅲᅲ


Source: http://bit.ly/sAcs0m
Translation: jwalkervip.tumblr.com


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