The Next Sandara Park

5 Dec

Has Sandara Park even been around long enough for there to be a ′second Sandara Park?′

Apparently so, as that′s how rookie singer Ha Da Mi is currently being pushed. Ha will be debuting in both Korea and the Philippines, which is where Sandara Park first got her big break.

As the news of her debut broke, the Philippines’s largest broadcasting company, ABS-CBN, offered her the chance to appear on its programs. ABS-CBN is the broadcasting company for which Sandara Park worked before debuting with 2NE1.

A source close to Ha Da Mi told enews on October 16, “Even though she hasn’t debuted in Korea, ABS-CBN made an offer. We had meetings with insiders with the firm, they showed their interests in Ha Da Mi. She is likely to appear on the country’s hit program, ‘We Got Married’ .”

Currently, Ha Da Mi is busy recording of her first single and learning English and Tagalog, a language of the Philippines.

The source described her as “a rookie who possesses both vocal ability and performance alike.” She performed on stage of SBS’s Ingigayo along with EZ-Life a few years ago and was a cheerleader for the LG Twins baseball team last year.

Ha′s debut single will be released sometime in January.

Photo credit: The Giant Entertainment
Source: enewsworld

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