2NE1 included in the TOP 5 Artists on MTV Music Meter

6 Dec

credit @siJONESSAni for the cap

Recently, likely due to the massive amount of online discussion of 2NE1 for the MAMAs and the recent YG Family concert, 2NE1 zoomed to#3 on MTV’s Music Meter. This is 2NE1’s third time in the TOP 10 and thier highest position yet. Though they have since dropped back down,could #1 be far off
What exactly is MTV’s Music Meter?

… with the launch of Music Meter on Tuesday (December 14, 2010), MTV is aiming to provide a new chart that gauges which artists are truly capturing the imagination of wired fans right now.

Instead of relying solely on conventional metrics such as CD sales or radio play, the Music Meter ranks the top 100 artists based on their social media buzz, streams on video sites, and radio and sales data, providing a real-time portrait of up-and-coming and talked-about artists

Recall that back in August of this year, 2NE1 made is all the way to 7th place on this chart. To date, we believe 2NE1 remains the only Asian and one of very few female artists to be featured on MTV Music Meter’s Top 10.

Source: MTV Meter
Thanks La.Mia.Dolce.Vita @6theory for the tip.
Reuploaded by tazanya @ygladies.com

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