Dara’s me2day Update with JinuSean

6 Dec

멋쟁이신사~!지누션오빠들이랑 이번 콘서트때 말해줘 무대에함께서게됐는데..대선배님들 무대에 서려니 어찌나 긴장이되던지 후덜덜덜~0.0오빠들이 끝나고 잘했다고해주셧어요!^0^넘 재밌었어용!ㅋ이사진은 특별한 사진입니다!양사장님께서 직접 찍어주셨어요!Photo by YG!!!

Tags: photo by YG! 그래서 웬지 얼어있는 내 표정?ㅋㅋ

These suave gentlemen~! For this concert, I performed on stage with JinuSean-oppas for Tell Me.. Although I’ve been on stage for a while, I got so nervous for this performance with the two sunbaenims (T/N: seniors) that I kept on chattering, chattering~ 0.0 But after it, the oppas said that I did well, so that calmed me! ^0^ It was really fun! Ke Throwing you a very special photo! Directly shot by Yang-sajangnim! Photo by YG!!!

Tags: photo by YG! For that reason, my expression seems to be a bit frozen? Ke ke


credits to: oh-dara.com


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