Daesung and Im Joo Eun thank Jo Jung Seok

7 Dec

(Oh Man Seok, Daesung, Im Joo Eun & Jo Jung Seok)

During the press conference of What’s Up held on December 6, musical actor Jo Jung Seok was asked what he taught the other cast members, being the more experienced musical actor in the group.

He replied, “I didn’t teach them anything. I may have appeared in a lot of musicals but Daesung is a great singer and Im Joo Eun is a great actor. Also, there was a music teacher and a choreography teacher so I didn’t really teach them anything.”
Im Joo Eun, however, replied, “Musical actor, singer, actors and models have gathered to shoot this series and Jo helped us a lot. When I first started to practice musical songs, I was out of tune and forgot some dance moves but Jo was a great help.”

Daesung added, “Jo never told me what to do, but one time, while watching Jo perform, the director told us that that’s how we should play. All the actors monitored each other and Jo taught us by showing us how to act and by describing the personalities of the characters.”

What’s Up airs every Saturday and Sunday on MBN at 9PM.

Source: TV Report
Translated by dkrogers @ Korea.co


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