Dara’s me2day update thanking Blackjacks

7 Dec

일요일 중콘 시작전 대기할때였어요~하루 2회공연을 앞두고 잠도 많이못자고 최상의 컨디션이 아니였어서 아무래도 다들 말은안해도 지쳐있었을텐데 우리가 오프닝이라 블랙잭봉풍선안에 들어가려 대기중일때 관객석에 내가제일잘나가 뮤비가 나왔죠!? 그때 큰소리는 아니였지만..

This was while we were waiting for the first concert on Sunday to start~ with two concerts in one day, we couldn’t sleep even and we weren’t in the best condition so even though no one said anything, everyone must have been worn out. Since we were opening, we went inside the inflatable Blackjack Lightstick balloon and while we were waiting, the I Am the Best MV was shown in the audience area right!? At that time, it wasn’t very loud but..

랙잭이들이 오글거려 하지만 매번 크게~ 신나게~ 외쳐주는 우리의 응원법! 내가제일잘나가! 씨엘제일잘나가!박봄제일잘나가!다라제일잘나가!민지제일잘나가! 그소리를 우리넷 다 들은거에요!!!+.+그러자 마치 마술처럼 네명의 얼굴에 미소가 번지며 갑자기 업되고!ㅋㅋㅋ

Even though it’s a bit cheesy, every single time, Blackjacks loudly~ and passionately~ shout out our fanchants! Naega jeil jallaga! CL jeil jallaga! Park Bom jeil jallaga! Dara jeil jallaga! Minji jeiljallaga! The four of us all heard you guys!!!+.+ And just like that, like magic, the four of us broke into smiles and suddenly our mood was up! ke ke ke

에너지가 만땅으로 충전되며!!!힘이 불끈불끈 솟았어요!^0^그렇게 공연 시작되고 풍선이 터지면서 관객석이 쫘악~보이면서!다들 즐길준비가 되있는거같더라구요!덕분에 2회공연을 힘차게 뛰어댕길수있었죠!고마워용!^^ 역쉬~!무대위에 서있는 가수는! 관객분들 하기 나름인듯!히히

Tags: 항상 힘이 되주는 팬들 블랙잭 고마워요 올해도 잘 마무리하고 내년도 기대해요! ^_^ 으흐흐..

Our energy was charged right up!!! And our power was soaring way up high!^0^ And just like that, the concert started, and the inflatable balloon came down and suddenly we could see the entire~ audience! And everyone looked like they were ready to have some fun! Thanks to you guys we were able to have the strength to run around energetically for two concerts! Thank you! ^^ As expected~! The artists on stage! Depend on the audience! He he

Tags: Thank you Blackjacks, who always become a source of strength to us. Hope your year finishes on a high note and look forward to next year too! ^_^ Ehehehe..

Source: Dara‘s me2DAY
Translated by: GEE@YGLadies.com


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