Seungri’s 1st Japanese Pictorial Interview (3/3): “BIGBANG is the joker card in my life”

9 Dec


Seungri is also a university student?
Yes, I entered this year and it’s been very rewarding. I’ve been working since I was a kid so all I ever had were friends in the entertainment industry. After I entered university though, I made a lot of close knit friends. It’s nice to listen to new ideas and I feel that getting along with new people makes me improve myself.

Are you learning about acting?
Yes. In Korea, singers will act in TV dramas and movies too even if you only want to sing. I think acting is necessary because how to express your music to the audience is the most important thing. When singing R&B songs, you have to perform in that way and when singing sad songs, you have to grab those emotions as well.  I want to learn how to express myself through emotions and I want to be able to have a different career in the future. I wish BIGBANG can be like Japan’s SMAP and be loved by many for a long, long time. I also want to make my own solo album, just like how Justin (Timberlake) is doing; being in movies, musicals, business…etc.

You have a strong curiousity in a lot of things!
I want to do a lot (laughs). I always want to do something…I like working. I’m the type of person that won’t be able to sit still if I don’t have anything to do.  Also, perhaps it’s because I’m greedy.

But you work so hard because you’re greedy, isn’t that so?
Perhaps so, but I’m like that because of BIGBANG. BIGBANG is the joker card in my life. Because of them, I can be happy, strong, I can do whatever I want, go wherever I want to go. In the areas that I lack in, the members will fill it. The 5 of us always have each other’s backs, because we’re a group.

The joker card in your life..that’s an outstanding way to present it.
Being in BIGBANG is the most special thing in my life. If I wasn’t a member of BIGBANG, I wouldn’t have this kind of thought. I’m very grateful to have such a special life.

But you are the one that grabbed hold of your life and made it special.
Mm I think it’s more like destiny so I definitely can’t slack off. Even though I’m the maknae but when it comes to work, there is no age difference. We all have our own responsibilities so BIGBANG can have bigger achievements. Everyone has to work hard.

You’ve repeatedly been working hard…do you have a lot of confidence in the things you do now?
Of course I have confidence if I work hard. Anything beyond that is a bonus. But Japanese men wouldn’t say things even if they have confidence, right? Everyone will only say “it’s okay, it’s okay”. For me however, I always say what I feel so you must think I’m unbelievable huh? [Confidence!] [Handsome!] just casually say it out (laughs). Well obviously I am just kidding..

Oh? Just kidding?
Half of it is true (laughs). In order to be more direct and to be able to fully express myself, I have to work extra hard with my Japanese.

Your Japanese is already exceptionally good.
No, if I could speak it better then I can be closer to the Japanese fans. However, I don’t want to give off the impression that I’m the only person in BIGBANG working hard with my Japanese. I don’t want other people to think the other members aren’t working hard with theirs and so I ask this from the fans in Japan – when you write letters to the members, please tell them to study hard with their Japanese!

Can’t you tell the members yourself?
I’m the maknae, so I can’t…..

I thought you said that there’s no age difference when it comes to work..? (laughs)
No, no. I just think that if fans were to tell them, the effect would be greater (laughs).



(Source: jwalkervip)


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