Dara shares her New York experience via her me2day

10 Dec

박물관 지도 보는중… 찰칵!

Looking at the museum map… snap!

분위기 있는 여자 ~ 씨엘!!!
Girl with ambience ~ CL !!!


어제 지나가다 발견한곳! 어린시절을 함께보낸 영화 나홀로집에! 나왔던 호텔앞!!!+.+ 캬~! 동심의세계로 빠져들면서 신나서 사진 찍었어요! 저기 리무진두…장난감가게두 다 있었어요! 아.. 나홀로집에..+.+ 또 보고싶당! 메리 크리스마스~! ^.^

TAGS: 오늘은 넷이 뭉쳐서 뉴욕거리로 고고고!!! 여긴 지금 오전 11시!!! 한국은 굿밤?!?

A place I discovered while passing it yesterday! In front of the hotel that was in the movie that I spent my childhood with, Home Alone!!!!+.+ Kya~! While reminiscing about my childhood, I got excited and took a pic! There’s a limousine there too….and a toy shop as well! Ah.. Home Alone.. +.+ I wanna watch it again! Merry Christmas~! ^.^

TAGS: Today the four of us are going to go go go around New York together!!! It’s 11AM here now!!! In Korea it’s night night time?!?

센트럴 파크에서 봄이와 함께~!!! 찰칵!^_^

A snap~!!! With Bommie in Central Park!^_^

센트럴 파크에서 조깅하는중!ㅋㅋ 관광객달옹!ㅋㅋㅋ

Jogging in Central Park! Ke ke Tourist Dalong!Ke ke ke

장난감 가게 왔어요~!!! 엄청 큰 왕젤리~!!! 발견~! YG!!! ^_^v

We came to a toy shop~!!! I found~! Super huge gummy version of~! YG!!! ^_^v

Credits to: @Lee_ChaeLin21 ( for the tip)
Source: Dara‘s me2DAY
Translated by: GEE@YGLadies.com || aNono @YGLadies.com


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