2NE1′s Park sisters continue to update from NYC

12 Dec

On December 12th, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park continued her barrage of photos from her trip to NYC.

Updating through her me2day, Sandara began with a post of her New York purchases. “Things I found in New York!!! +.+“, she began. “Jelly shaped like sam-gyup-sal (Korean bacon)~! I’ll give it to Jjangmae. The best! Cute shoes~! +.+ They barely had any in my size but there was one! So cute! ^.^ Remy oppa’s present for me: a yellow watch!  +.+ I like them all~!!!”

She then shared a photo of her iconic hairstyle, followed by this comedic two-shot herself with fellow member Park Bom. “Bom’s way of bothering Dara!!! lol Dara became a human guitar~ Bom became a guitarist! ^0^;;;;;; lol“, she laughed.

Sandara then concluded her post with, “Right now we are in~!!! MTV Time square studio!!!!!!!!! Tada!!! ^0^ We forgot about this while relaxing for a few days in New York!!! We!!! Will!!! Perform!!! Here!!! Tomorrow!!! ^0^ It feels real now that we’re actually here!!! +.+ Wow~!!! Let’s have fun!!



Source + Image: Park Bom’s me2daySandara’s me2day

Credits to: allkpop


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