Minzy’s Twitter Updates in NYC Batch 2

12 Dec

Shake Shack!!!!! With 정운오빠,세호오빠,선우오빠^^

Shake Shack!!!!! With Jeongun oppa,Seho Oppa, Seon-u Oppa^^

시차적응 아직 안되서 6~7시가되면 정말 졸리고~ 아침8시가 되면 눈이 저절로 떠진다…눈꺼풀이 무겁무겁…

Can’t get used to the time difference.. I feel sleepy when it’s 6~7o’clock~ My eyelids gets heavy automatically at 8 in the morning…Heavy heavy eyelids…

#nowwatching “The Sound Of Music

캐릭터샵 구경하다가 시디플레이어가 스펀지밥…. 아이팟,아이폰 나오기전..나의 시디플레이어는 파라소니였는데….ㅠㅠ스펀지밥이 자신을 사달라는…외침이 자꾸 들리는 이유는 뭘까…

While looking around in a character shop, I found this Sponge Bob CD player…. before the iPod and iPhone came out.. My CD player was a Panasonic….ㅠㅠ Why do I … keep hearing this Sponge Bob CD player to ask me to buy it…

스타워즈…아이언맨…트랜스포머..쥬라기파크….나도 광선검..

Star Wars… Iron Man…. Transformers.. Jurrasic Park…. I want a light saber too..

뉴욕에서 제일 긴~~빌딩… 달옹타워ㅋㅋㅋ

The tallest~~ building in New York… Dalong Tower ke ke ke

무한도전 -뉴욕편에 나왔던 맛집에 찾아왔어요~^__^냠냠!!!!하겠습니다!!!

We’ve found the restaurant that they went to in the New York episode of Infinity Challenge~^___^ It’s gonna be so!!!! yum yum!!!

Source: Minzy‘s Twitter

Translated by: soh0712@YGLadies.com || GEE @YGLadies.com


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