T.O.P Makes Surprise Appearance on “I Am a Singer” and Wins #1 with Gummy

12 Dec

On December 11, Big Bang’s T.O.P made a surprise appearance on MBC “I Am a Singer” and gave a stunning duet performance with Gummy, which resulted in her first-ever #1 spot on the show.The two YG label mates sang a rendition of San Wool Lim’s “Gae Goo Jeng Ee (The Rascal).” Prior to the performance, Gummy said “I’m sure both old and young people will come, but I want everyone to just enjoy the show together,” and they just did that together as it brought everyone to their feet. Their performance brought the most cheers from the crowd, and it resulted in Gummy’s first-ever #1 as she received more than 20% of the votes.
T.O.P said “The crowd at ‘I Am a Singer’ has great energy,” lauding the audience’s passion and energy throughout the show. Kim Hyung Suk, the famed producer and adviser of the show, said, “I really liked their kids-pop, kids-rock type of style. Their outfit and T.O.P’s rap, and everything else matched so well and it was a great stage that was fun to watch.”
Sunday’s show saw a 12.0% TV ratings, a 2.1% increase from the previous week. Insooni’s total points combined with the previous week’s performance were the lowest, resulting in her elimination from the show. Rock musician Park Wan Kyu will replace her from next week.

Source: Soompi


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