Dara’s me2day Updates before MTV Iggy Performance

13 Dec

투애니원~!!! 굿모닝입니다!^^ 한국은 새벽인가욧?!? +.+ 오늘 공연당일날이네요~! 우린 타임스퀘어 도착!!! 오늘 밖에 있는 전광판에도 우리의 모습이 나올텐데~ 재밌을거같아요! 기대되요!^_^ 꺄아~!!!

2NE1~!!! It’s good morning!^^ Is it late at night in Korea?!? +.+ Today’s the day of the concert~! We’ve arrived at Time Square!!! Today we’re gonna be on the display outside~ Seems like it’ll be interesting! I’m excited!^_^ Kyaa~!!!

우리 방금 Best Buy Theater 에서 리허설을 마쳤습니다! ^_____^ 새로운 경험이죠~! 미국에서는 첫공연이니까요~!!! ^.^ 언제나 처음은 설레이는법! 하지만 떨리진않아요! 기대되네요~!!! ^0^ 이제 우린 투투투~투애니원~으로 변신! 얍!!

We just finished our rehearsal at the Best Buy Theater! ^____^ It’s a new experience for us~! Since this is our first performance in the US~!!! ^.^ The first time is always nervewrecking! But I’m not nervous! I’m excited~!!! Now we’re transforming into 222~2NE1~! Yaap!!!


Source: Dara’s me2DAY
Translated by: GEE@YGLadies.com


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