2NE1 is No. 1 on HMV-UK’s Weekly K-pop Top 10

16 Dec

On December 15, 2011 the first ever “Weekly K-pop Top 10 Best-sellers” Chart by HMV-UK was released and none other than our very own 2NE1 were the past week’s best selling kpop album. The full list is below:

1. 2NE1 – 2nd Mini Album

2. Infinite – Over The Top
3. Super Junior – Mr Simple 05
4. Miss A – A Class
5. Sistar – So Cool
6. Kara – Step
7. SNSD – The Boys
8. SHINee – Hello
9. G.NA – Top Girl
10. Super Junior – Super Junior 05

Due in part to the persistence of unitedkpop blog, not to long ago, HMV Oxford Circus, London began selling hard copies of k-pop CDs in their store. HMV is a British global entertainment retail chain and is the largest of its kind in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The HMV Oxford Circus store met with such success and has been working hard to keep up with demand as word gets out that the store is stocking kpop albums. As you can see below there is a nice-sized section of albums. For all you VIPs out there, word on the street is that they have ordered even more Big Bang cds, plus posters and t-shirts.

Photos by Freya Bigg

Oh and the reason why 2NE1’s 2nd mini album isn’t in any of the photos — it is constantly sold out!!!!!


BIGBANG has now been ordered in and will be stocked in approximately 3 weeks, and to celebrate the success of the United Cube concert, a free United Cube album will be given away with every Kpop purchase – whilst stocks last. Also, we’ll soon be collaborating with HMV to deliver a weekly top 10 chart of who’s CD has been bought the most that week, please anticipate and stay tuned!

Source: HMV, UnitedKpop
Thanks to ukygqueens for the tip.
Article by tazanya @ygladies.com

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