2NE1 on Daring to Dress K-POP

16 Dec

Korean girl-group “2NE1” at the red carpet for 2011 MNET Asian Awards (MAMA). (CNA/Hester Tan)

SINGAPORE: K-Pop may rule the iPods of many in Singapore and Asia, but the next Korean trend might reverberate even louder.

From bright red hair, multi-coloured leggings to shoes with ‘wings’, it was hard not to miss the fans who turned up in eye-catching outfits that rivaled their K-Pop idols the recent 2011 MNET Asian Music Awards (MAMA) held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Fearless at standing out, the crowds were clear on who reigns supreme right now in not just music but also fashion.

“2NE1” many K-pop fans chimed when asked.

“They are cool, edgy and brave enough to try on any style – no doubt that they will rock it as well. An aspect of 2NE1’s look is to always have bright, eye-popping accessories, funky high-cut sneakers and a loud prints,” explained K-pop fan Nurul Ain

And who can forget the gravity defying hair and long fur jacket worn by Dara of 2NE1 at the 2011 MAMA despite the sweltering Singapore weather.

“Their clothes right down to their shoes is always pushing the boundaries of what people consider ‘acceptable’ in today’s society. They actually look good in whatever they wear,” said 19 year-old fan Lim. 

Known for their unconventional styles, the foursome opt for the racks of American fashion designer Jeremy Scott.

With a reputation for outrageous designs , Scott’s dress list reads like a who’s who of music greats, from Rihanna and Madonna, to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga and in the land of the rising calm, the list is as glittering – from the Wonder Girls to SHINee.

But what 2NE1 has over the rest of the glitterati with the LA designer, is the close friendship he has with the lead of the girl group CL, so gifts of specially designed togs aren’t rare for these fashionable ladies.

Back on the streets, while some prefer to be carbon copies of their favourite stars, others say it’s better to adapt the styles of the K-Pop idols.

“I pick bits and pieces from different groups and make it my own. I draw inspiration from SHINee, f(x), 2NE1 and Super Junior,” said 21 year-old student Tara Elliot, of her everyday style. 

The bright red hair is a statement for this K-Pop fan who gets fashion inspiration from girl-group “2NE1”. (CNA/Pearline Ng)

Some fans opt for the less extreme by wearing bright-coloured clothing. (CNA/Pearline Ng)

One of the plus points of K-pop fashion is the casual and practical street wear style of the celebrities. This makes it easy to adapt or downright copy.

It also doesn’t cost much to adopt K-Pop from stage to street, as both the K-pop men and women are styled from top to toe in pieces that can come from any corner of the wardrobe or store.

So from Seoul to Singapore, be it harem pants or leather skirts, keeping in style has never been easier or as fun!


Source: ChannelNewsAsia
Reposted by: zeelisious@YGLadies.com

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