GD&TOP expected to make a strong comeback despite G-Dragon’s marijuana scandal

16 Dec

Big Bang sub-unit, GD&TOP, are preparing for their new promotions in Japan.

The duo recently released their official trailer for the Japanese “OH YEAH“ MV via their official Youtube & Facebook pages, which featured some footage of the MV in the making.

The original version of “Oh Yeah” from GD&TOP’s first album was released last December, and a Japanese version of the song was recorded as the boys began preparing for their debut in Japan. The trailer also features writing that reads, ‘YG Family Concert Celebrating Single Release’.

Fans expressed their explosive interest in the boys, as the video received well over 150,000 views on their official Youtube channel in addition to leaving 1,000+ comments on their Facebook page.

GD&TOP’s Japanese promotions were scheduled to begin in November, however the date was postponed after G-Dragon was caught smoking marijuana back in October. G-Dragon personally apologized to his fans about the incident at YG Family‘s 15th anniversary concert that took place at the Olympic Hall in Seoul December 4th.

And although some criticized that G-Dragon did not take enough time to reflect on his actions, GD&TOP will continue with their plans to promote in Japan and are expected to make a strong comeback.

GD&TOP will be releasing their single on January 7th and officially kick off promotions in Japan, and their agency YG Entertainment will also be holding a concert in Osaka and Saitama next month.

Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate
translation:  Allkpop


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