Big Bang and 2NE1 on Arirang TV “The best of K-Pop in 2011”

17 Dec

Arirang TV, an English-language Korean television network, is asking its foreign viewers to vote for their favorite musicians, actors, and songs in such categories as best rookie, best couple from a drama, and the artist they most want to visit their country. Fans can easily sign up for the website and vote, as Arirang is available in both English and Korean.

The voting period lasts until December 31st, and it appears Arirang will select winners from the voting pool, who will then receive prizes.

Check the categories below to see if your favorite group or actor is nominated:

1. Favorite Rookie:
-Huh Gak
-Boy Friend
-A Pink
-Dal Shabet
-Other (voters can write in their own answer)

2. Favorite Male Artist: 
-Kim Hyunjoong
-Super Junior
-Big Bang

3. Favorite Female Artist:
-Girls’ Generation
-Wonder Girls
-Miss A

4. Favorite Song of 2011:
-IU – “Good Day”
-BEAST – “Fiction”
-T-ara – “Roly Poly”
-2NE1 – “I Am The Best”
-Super Junior – “Mr. Simple”
-Girls’ Generation – “The Boys”
-Big Bang – “Tonight” 
-Secret – “Starlight, Moonlight”
-TVXQ – “Keep Your Head Down”
-2PM – “Hands Up”

10. If you had the opportunity, who would you enjoy a one-day date with? (write-in question)

11. K-Pop artist you would like to visit your country:
-Big Bang 
-Girls’ Generation
-Super Junior
-Kim Hyunjoong

The last questions ask viewers about their experiences with Arirang TV. You can vote here

(parts omitted)

Source: Koreaboo and ArirangTV

Credits to: bigbangupdates


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