Big Bang mentioned in English Newspaper “The Guardian”

17 Dec

From the “Guardian” article “Bored by Cowell pop? Try K-pop”

The biggest surprise at last month’s MTV European Music awards didn’t come from the outfits chosen Lady Gaga, or that weird naked man roaming around the stage. In fact, the most unexpected moment arrived towards the end of the ceremony, when the winner of best worldwide act award was announced. The winners of the fan-driven award were Korean group Bigbang, who won 58m votes to beat Britney Spears. This was the one act that night most viewers wouldn’t have known.

Bigbang’s victory shed light on the rise and rise of Korean music across Europe. Korean pop – K-pop for short – has become one of South Korea’s most notable exports in recent years. Paul Han, co-founder of the South Korean pop culture blog, defines the style as “fun music, with a fusion of many genres” – it takes in electro-driven bubblegum pop; sometimes it’s sprinkled with semi-nonsense English lyrics; sometimes there’s an added R&B sway. Its audience is largely female, from early teens through to late 20s. “K-pop, I think, is personality,” says the Korean-Canadian singer G.Na. “It’s very melodious, very easy to sing along to.”

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