Big Bang Nominated at the 21st Annual “Seoul Music Awards”

17 Dec

At this year’s 21st Annual Seoul Music awards, Big Bang is nominated in 2 categories, “Popularity” and “Bonsang. 

There are other categories in the ceremony, though out of the main 3, those are the 2 Big Bang is nominated for. For the Bonsang award, winners are chosen based on album and digital sales, online voting popularity and a final judging from the award ceremony judges.

The Bonsang is the main award for outstanding achievement in music that year. Not to be confused with Daesang, which is the Grand Award for achievement in music that year. Big Bang won the Daesang in 2008. There are 10 Bonsang winners and the Daesang winner is chosen from them. Big Bang won the Bonsang in 2008 and 2009.

To vote, you can either download the  iphone/itouch application, or call in, though only those in Korea can vote for these awards.

Source: For current nominees and photo) and Wikipedia (for past winner lists)
article written by: Kimmi (VIP4Daesung)

Credits to: bigbangupdates


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