[VIDEO + TRANS] BBC World News interviews CL live from Seoul

17 Dec


Transcript of the interview:

(Done by ear, so it may not be 100% accurate, please credit nyldeabcd@CLTheBaddestFemale.com when taking the transcript out of this site.)


I: And now joining us from Seoul is lead singer CL, CL thank you so much for joining us. How big of an honour is it that 2NE1 has received this international recognition?

CL: Well it was an honour and I heard a lot of great singers, performers, have performed on that stage so I hope it’s a good start for 2NE1.

I: and CL, you and 2NE1 are a relatively new singing group, you’re just 2 years old, what would you attribute the group’s success to?

CL: Well I don’t think I could say we have “success” yet but I think its a great start and we have a long way to go and I have a lot of things I want to achieve.

I: Indeed a long way to go.. Because your songs.. started out being played in radios across the world, particularly Germany, Brazil and Mexico, why do you think Kpop is becoming more popular outside of Asia?

CL: Well I think you know.. I believe that music has no language so its not.. it’s just.. I think the music and how people connect to culture.

I: Do you think, CL, that 2NE1 is basically paving the way for more Asian bands to make it big in the global entertainment scene?

CL: Yes, hopefully we can lead them and I would love to represent Asian women cos I am one, you know, Asian woman and I think it’s about time (that they are represented).

I: Do you see you, as an individual, and your group 2NE1 as role models for young Asian women?

CL: Yes like I said before, I would love to represent them. I do talk a lot about.. you know.. representing women in our lyrics so I hope that touches everybody in the world.

I: CL, talking about Kpop, how big of a future do you see it can have in the global entertainment industry?

CL: Well I think it’s just the start and I hope that you know it gets bigger and bigger but I don’t know if we want to categorize ourselves as one thing (only), you know, as 2NE1, but I hope Kpop becomes bigger and bigger.

I: What do you think.. you said Kpop will become bigger and bigger, you’re just as I mentioned earlier, 2 years old, what will it take for you to be able to sustain this popularity not only in Asia and around the world?

CL: It should be music, it’s about music so..

Source:  YGLzeelisious, BBC

Credits to: nyldeabcd@CLTheBaddestFemale.com


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