Bom’s Twitter Updates about her nephew Julian

18 Dec

What’s funny is that Julian prefers Dara over me ke ke ke  Today, our whole family is in shock ke ke ke Julian was very quiet and cold, only talking to my sister and ignoring everyone else, not playing with anyone… But!!! Suddenly, he took a pear!! And gave it to Dara!!! ㅋㅋㅋReally surprising


Even when eating food, he eats the food fed by Dara!! ke ke ke ke Till now, our family still thinks it’s too shocking, really magical ke ke ke ke What’s more shocking is that when Julian hears Dara’s solo “Kiss”, he’ll be very excited, shocking right? ke ke ke Seems like he really likes Dara ke ke ke
Source: BOM’s Twitter

Korean-Chinese translations by: Spencer@ParkBomChina

Chinese-English translations by: meganz21@WeLoveBom


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