2NE1 on 10 Favorite Highlights of the MTV Iggy Best New Band Concert

20 Dec

A few days after the Best New Bands Concert in Times Square, the exhausted MTV Iggy staff still floats dazedly on a post-concert high. We’d spent more than a few sleepless nights and frantic days planning the concert, but it was all worth it as we found ourselves screaming like fangirls and fanboys to see Yuna, Gyptian, La Vida Boheme, and headliners 2NE1 together on one stage in one night, bringing global music to the US. This is MTV Iggy’s raison d’etre so it was sheer bliss to see the world watching and participating.

Over the next few days we’ll release more behind the scenes photos and stories, but for now we’d like to share our personal highlights from the concert. The moments of searing joy, hilarity and surprise that we’re still talking about.

We’d planned for cameras to follow 2NE1 from the street to the stage…but that still didn’t prepare us for goosebumps all over as CL, Minzy, Bom, and Dara flitted down endless, twisting stairs and corridors to the insistent, throbbing strains of “I Am the Best.” We know you fans at home were chanting “Nega Jeil Chalaga”…cause we were too.

We wanted to include fans who couldn’t be there in person to still have a presence. So we featured your Tweets on the MTV HD Jumbotron in Times Square and on the LCD screen at the theater…and you didn’t disappoint. From fans waiting outside hilariously bi#ching (“I’m so cold I’m getting gangrene”) to the outpouring of Venezuelan “orgullo” for La Vida Boheme after their riveting performance, to 2NE1 fans noticing every minute detail — Bom’s dress length, how hosts pronounced the girls’ names, the song selections…you made us laugh, sniffle, and so happy to know how your felt.

Dressed in red military jackets accented with gold metal, the girls KILLED it. The unexpected call-and-response between CL and the audience to “Nega Jeil Chalaga,” the dizzying dance moves (they owned that stage), the confetti guns showering the room in a blizzard of paper so thick you could barely see 2 feet in front of you…and most of all the delighted looks on CL, Bom, Minzy, and Dara’s faces as they held the crowns in that moment. No amount of rehearsing or planning can capture that moment. It was the best.

Source: http://www.mtviggy.com


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