2NE1’s I Am The Best on The Most Futuristic Music of 2011

20 Dec

Put away your grandpa-style indie rock sweaters and salute the year’s most futuristic music. By that I don’t just mean music that sounds like it comes from the future (though there’s quite a bit of that); I also mean music that is indicative of larger future trends. Shall we begin?

( Parts Omitted )

2NE1, 2nd EP Release
2NE1 are the queens of Korean pop, which is even more insane than Japanese pop, and their anthem “I Am the Best” is the best song of 2011…because it sounds like the best song of 2111. If The Fifth Element were remade today (not that I’m suggesting it should be-it’s an unimpeachable masterpiece), 2NE1 would replace both the blue-skinned diva and Ruby Rhod. They’re just that awesome. Here’s their video for “I Am the Best.”


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