Mnet’s Pick Reliving 2NE1′s Concert, NOLZA

22 Dec

A Post-account of 2NE1′s Concert, NOLZA

2NE1 held their first solo concert, ‘NOLZA’ within a mere 2 years of their debut. Ever since their debut, 2NE1 have always said, ‘Our dream is to hold our very own concert.’ So whether individually, or for 2NE1 as a whole, this concert can be said to be the most meaningful event for them since their debut. The name of the concert, ‘NOLZA’ is a slogan 2NE1 have always shouted before going on stage and also expresses their desire of holding a concert in which they can have fun and enjoy themselves fully with fans. attended 2NE1′s concert that took place from 26 August to 28 August., and we did not come back empty-handed! We have prepared a first-hand account of our experience. What was 2NE1′s concert like for us, Unni fans?

27 August Going to 2NE1′s Concert!

Four-member girl group, 2NE1 immediately became hot topics when they debuted! I am someone who likes to be part of the latest craze. So, I became their fan. But it wasn’t just because they were the latest craze (that I became their fan). A person’s heart is not as easily moved as you might think. Even for someone like me who likes idols; that reason alone won’t do. And at first, I wasn’t too excited. I just mean that 2NE1 had come out with new songs that I wasn’t completely disappointed with. But (in the end) it was still enjoyable.


The Concert Begins, NOLZA!!!!

The girls started off their concert with a splendid performance of Fire – the song that turned them into one of Korea’s best girl groups.
Beginning from Fire to the encore song, Go Away, it was almost like all the energy they had amassed (over 2 years) was being released. It was splendid and passionate, but quiet and contemplative at times. Needless to say, their costumes were glamorous and impressive. The energy that radiated from their live performances made one exclaim in awe. And that very cool large screen! It was an ultra definition screen that you can’t see in any other concert before this! It’s just like when you watch a very high definition music video or CF and you notice the quality of the video, and you get the sense that a lot of work was put into this. That is the feeling I got – that they worked very hard to make this the best concert. Now, very cautiously.. I will try to pick the best 3 performances of 2NE1’s concert. To pick the best 3 performances of 2NE1’s concert is an extremely subjective matter, so I hope I don’t get chewed out for this.

Best 3 ★★★ <CL had this Side to Her??> CL’s Solo Performance

Dressed in black bottoms and a white shirt, with her hair loose, I witnessed a different sexy side of CL. With just a single standing mic on stage, CL began to sing. It was like she was telling a story with her expressions. She conveyed the song with every single gesture and with every expression. It was fascinating to watch. Maybe it was because she did not have her own solo album, but I was really curious as to what kind of song CL would sing, but it was a pop song I have not heard before. I found out later that it was Drake’s ‘Marvin Room’ and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Did it On ‘em’. The first song was, to put it mildly, sensual. I could not help being surprised that I could experience such feelings at my age.

Best 3 ★★★ <Minzy vs. Taeyang’s Dance Battle>

A guest that we can’t not talk about. A special guest appeared in Minzy’s solo stage. It was Big Bang’s Taeyang. The song Minzy performed for her solo stage was actually Taeyang’s song. They sang together, danced together and even had a dance battle. It was a magnificent performance. After that, Taeyang sang two of his songs for his beloved juniors and left. So this is what they mean by ‘two for the price of one’?

Best 2 ★★★★ <I Am Like This!!> Encore Song GO AWAY

When watching live broadcasts, it’s an enjoyable song and is a song among the never-before-seen triple track release.
As it was a regrettable goodbye, everyone began to shout encore and with this, they played more! It was the time when they shouted “let’s play more!” Sounds were heard somewhere and everyone’s attention shifted. Where are they? Where are they? The voices that were heard came from none other than the hallway between the 2nd and 3rd floors. The cheers became even louder. The fans that had enjoyed watching the concert from afar were given an indescribable happiness. They came from the end of both sides with 2 members on each end and the fans who were watching from afar were able to to be within a breath of them. We were then able to hear Go Away that was enjoyable from before. No, not at all, it was more enjoyable here. In this moment, everyone had automatically broke out into jumping.

BEST 1 ★★★★★ <This Is The Real YOU & I> Park Bom’s Solo Stage

The cellist began with the cello in the cage-like sculpture by herself. For me who knew little about classical music, I did not know what kind of level of cello-playing that she had but my curiosity on what kind of stage it’d be was surely increasing. I was interested in seeing what kind of 2NE1 song would suit this. At that moment, the strings of the cello played a deep sound. This performance with the heavy feel of the cello made a very grand and divine experience.

Park Bom walked out wearing a white coloured mini wedding dress. It was YOU&I. No one in the world can do it so well!! What did she want to play? With that question in mind, the unknown sound of the cello suddenly changed to accompany a song and in that moment of variation, it was enough to give you goosebumps. Just with the addition of the sound of the cello, the usual YOU&I song became a song of greatest perfection. People began to stand in order to see Park Bom’s stage. Her voice that overwhelmed the venue!! “I’ll introduce my older sister!” and that was where it became known that the cellist was Bom’s real sister. Thanks to their beautiful performance, the true happiness of “music” was felt in that short time.

+BEST Performance ★★★★★ Special Guests That You Can’t See Anywhere Else

The performance that was only seen once on Infinity Challenge was G-DRAGON+Park Myung Soo+Park Bom’s “I Went Wild”. The stages of the guests at 2NE1’s concert this time were full of special performances that could only be seen in this concert.

+BEST Performance ★★★★★ Trend Setter <2NE1 Collection>

The group that caused a storm in the fashion world with their own 2NE1 style had attracted attention this concert from their fashion to their hairstyles. From extreme street fashion to chic modern looks, futurism and costumes made to make the individuality of the members stand out, they prepared a total of over 100 to wear. For this concert, these costumes were continuously made 100% by hand so calling it “2NE1 collection” is not an exaggeration.

A Sight That Could Only Be Enjoyed At The Concert

Various flower wreaths were overflowing at the concert venue. Among those, we had no choice but to find the ones from “Infinity Challenge and 2NE1 TV”.
You’re having a concert, we plan a major release of humiliating videos!! (2NE1 TV)
Ugly MyungSu meeting the lovely Park Bom was the best
Can you see it, Gong Mingkki?
We came to see Bom tatatatatatatatatata ♬ bwekk!

Do fans also follow the fashion sense of the artists? The fashion sense of 2NE1 fans are indeed “the best”. The ‘New Era Cap’ fashion item that Sandara enjoys is worn by a elementary school boy with his “New Era” fashion sense that attracts your eyes even from 100m away. Even the trademark fountain hairstyle of Sandara. In addition, there were many 2NE1 fans that were proud of their significant fashion sense.


The Spot Where They Took Photos At The 2NE1 Concert


Concert That Will Be Continued In Japan

2NE1′s first solo concert “NOLZA” will continue in the coming September in Japan. 2NE1 have announced their first mini album to be released in Japan on September 21st marking their official debut. In addition, from September 19th to October 2nd, they will hold “2NE1 1st JAPAN TOUR NOLZA” in Yokohama, Kobe and Chiba, totaling 3 cities, with 6 performances and they are expecting to bring in 70000 attendees. At the same time that 2NE1 were preparing to hold their “Arena Tour” for their debut into Japan, 190000 people were applying for tickets which made them decide to add one more day to perform.

<2NE1 Japanese tour dates>
September 19~20: Yokohama Arena
September 24~25: Kobe World Memorial Hall
October 1~2: Chiba Makuhari Messe



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