Dara’s Young and Fresh Look Despite Her Age

24 Dec


The ever so quirky (AND beautiful) Sandara Park sends word to her fans again.

Sandara Park posted on her Me2Day account on December 23d, “The birth of a toner that I just~ love!!!+.+For the transparent and clear skin!!! Aren’t the mild basic items what make honey skin? Through the new Etude ad maybe you’ll see my fresh + comic acting and dance..??? Kee. I’ll teach you how to apply the toner zzang adorably! All the ladies pay attention! Coming Soon! ^_^” along with a picture.

The picture posted is that of Sandara lying on her stomach on a couch wearing a denim bottom and a simple white shirt. The frighteningly geek chic pair of glasses only add to the unbelievable charm of Sandara Park. With the hair worn in a cute bun and the stripes in the socks, everything seems to add up to the cutest little girl you have ever seen.

It’s hard to believe that in fact, Sandara Park is 27 years of age.

Our quirky, fun, talented, beautiful, and thoughtful Sandara proves perhaps that you are after all, as old as you feel and age is only a number.


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