Big Bang featured in the calender issued by Korean Government

25 Dec

Because of the K-POP craze, Korean government decided to make a ‘K-POP photo Calendar’. They are distributed to about 170 embassies.

The calendars made by the government have included the introduction of Korea traditional musical instruments in  order to introduce the wide variety of Korean  traditions. Inside the calendars, a total of 12 groups of Korean singers are also introduced, namely Super Junior, f(x),Big Bang, Wonder Girls, 2PM, MissA, Kara, 4minutes,Beast, Tiara and Sistar, etc.
Netizens commented, ‘ I think the government would do something to lead the K-POP showbiz.’ ‘I am fine with it.’ ‘Put some solo artists’ pages into it too.’ ‘This is a compilation of wonderful groups so I want it too.’
There are QR codes in the first chapter and the last chapter of the calendar for the smartphones user to watch a video.

Source: mdtoday
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates


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