GG & Park Bom’s “I Cheated” Named a Karaoke Favorite of 2011

25 Dec

On December 22nd, the ‘Top 100′ list for the most sung karaoke songs of 2011 was released! Despite the penchant for slower/ballad songs on this list, the hyper crowd pleaser “I Cheated/Went Wild” by GG featuring our very own Park Bom managed a spot in the TOP 15.

Topping the list is IU‘s “Good Day“, who managed to beat out Lee Eun Mi‘s “I Have a Lover“, a song considered to be a karaoke favorite for several years.

Huh Gak also fared exceptionally well on the chart, coming away with the highest number of songs in the ‘Top 100′, three of which are in the ‘Top 10′. His fellow ‘Superstar K2‘ contestants, Kang Seung YoonKim Bo Kyung, Park Boram, and Kim Greem, have also made it on the list, showcasing the strong influence of the audition program.

As expected, ‘I Am a Singer‘ also played a part, with four of YB‘s songs making the list, as well as three of Im Jae Bum‘s, and several of Kim Gun Mo, Kim Yeon Woo, and Jung Yeob‘s.

Others noted include OST songs from ‘Secret Garden‘ and ‘Infinity Challenge‘.

Check out the Top 20 below:

1. IU – “Good Day”
2. Im Jae Bum – “For You”
3. Lee Eun Mi – “I Have a Lover”
4. Huh Gak – “I Am Happy (Feat. John Park)”
5. Kang Seung Yoon – “Through Instincts”
6. Park Sang Chul – “Hwang Jin Yi”
7. Huh Gak – “Whenever”
8. Kim Bum Soo – “Please”
9. Huh Gak – “Running Through the Sky”
10. Big Mama – “Resignation”
11. Buzz – “Thorn”
12. Hyun Bin – “That Man”
13. Kim Bum Soo – “I Miss You”
14. GG – “I Cheated (Feat. Bom)”
15. So Chan Hwi – “Tears”
16. Navi – “Well Done”
17. Orange Caramel – “A~ing”
18. Homme – “Still Eating Well”
19. 4men – “I Can’t”
20. Huh Gak – “Hello”

Congratulations to our Bommie!

Source + Photos: Sports Donga via Naver
Translated by VITALSIGN at akp
Reposted by tazanya

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