Park Bom Scolds Her Manager When a Fan Falls

27 Dec

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2NE1′s Park Bom is receiving tons of praises from the netizens for her special love towards her fans.A video clip of Park Bom was posted on an online community recently titled, “The apostle of justice, Park Bom has arrived at the Incheon airport’.

The clip shows Park Bom walking out of the airport after arriving from the U.S. to Korea flight and several fans are walking along with her.

It surprised everyone when a girl approached Park Bom to try to pass her a gift and the girl tripped and fell on the ground. Park Bom saw this and she mistakenly thought it was her manager who pushed the girl to protect her and she scolded her manager by saying, “Why do you push? Do not push”.

However, the manager hadn’t don’t anything wrong. It was the girl who tripped on the back of the manager’s leg as she walked backwards. Even though the manager knew he hadn’t pushed the girl, he was caught off guard by the whole situation that he apologized anyways and the all the fans just laughed at the situation.

After watching the video clip the netizens commented, “She’s got a good heart”, “She talks in a gentle manner and she’s really cute because of it”, “The manager is nice too and the whole situation is kind of funny”, “Even the fan smiled so I’m sure she understands the whole situation”, and many others complemented both Park Bom and the manager for their good manners.

Credit: Kpopfever
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate


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