Translation of G-Dragon + Bean Pole Style Book (2/3)

27 Dec

Ready to flow, Ready to go
Ready for the spotlight, 
Ready for the show


As with other hip-hop artists, I also want to have my own brand but compared to that, there’s something I want even more and that is to open my own store; a store that is the most recommended place to go in Korea for fashionistas around the world when they come here to play. I want people to feel that the store has cool staff, trendy clothes, good music and it’s somewhere that combines both the fashion trend and culture – a store where they can learn a lot from.

I want to create a space and gather fashionistas there that will make up a special culture. Rather than luxury fashion, I am more compatible with street culture and quirky fashion brands. Designers for luxury brands also get their inspiration from street culture and do collaborations together. Affordable clothes are of course great, but I would rather recommend a street brand that has different aspects to offer – one that combines a certain culture or lifestyle.


I think now is a perfect time for the Hallyu wave to jump out of Asia and break into different parts of the world. We shouldn’t waste this opportunity if we want our country’s music and the pop industry to intercept with each other. We have to work hard to expand our music.

Japan is the 2nd biggest music market in the world but I think Korean music is also very outstanding too. I’m worried that we might just miss such a good opportunity. I hope we can fully grasp this chance and let the world understand our country’s music, and to educate the younger generation about it.

There are a lot of outstanding musicians in Korea so I also have to work hard in the future. I don’t mean 5-6 years down the road but I want to work hard for a long time. I also want to lead new music and create a new Hallyu wave.

I think now is a perfect time for not just Korean music to develop, but also a lot of different things. However, you can’t be lazy and not go to work just because it’s going smoothly; you have to work even harder to guide it into a new direction.

I hope everyone works hard together and make sure that the Hallyu wave is developed and promoted further. I also expect myself to be standing in the center of all of this.

Source: Beanpole x G-dragon Style Book + bigbangfamily08


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