Translation of G-Dragon + Bean Pole Style Book (3/3)

27 Dec

Boy! I love your style


I hope people don’t simply listen to an artists’ new album and watch one of their performances, but they should set a standard for themselves and judge what is outstanding music. There are a lot of music out there with almost the same standards and practically the same styles. I want to be the model answer to that; to be the standard that people can judge what is good music or not. However, if there are better and more outstanding musicians than me that can present a better answer, I will feel happy too.

Run the world, Rule the nation


Seeing how handsome singers are on stage made me have the dream of becoming a singer. “Ah…I want to be like that, those kind of people are so handsome.” I really liked the singers at the time and even though the singers nowadays are also handsome and the songs are good, but I thought to myself how wonderful it would be to become like them.

Compared to other companies, YG can give me everything that I want. If I started music activities in another company then things would be different now. I’ve been in this company since I was young and learning has become part of my daily life. Everything I learn here has a big effect on me. Going to the office is a natural thing for me nowadays. The days when I feel tired, I would rather stay in the office with my hyungs and make music together rather than going out to play. This is how this place is to me.


Source: Beanpole x G-dragon Style Book +


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