BIGBANG Ranks 3rd on MTVK’s Most Anticipated Comeback of 2012

28 Dec

2011 was a big year for K-pop and MTV K, and we’re sad to see it go. We’ll always remember Big Bang’s MTV EMA win, 2NE1′s MTV Iggy Best New Band win, MTV K’s United Cube Live in NYC, our Girls’ Generation special in Times Square, not to mention the other handful of stateside K-pop concerts this year (K-pop Masters in Las Vegas!), and the changing of trends on TV: from the in-your-face influx of cable dramas to the explosion of survival/audition reality shows (I Am A Singer really shook up the music chart trends) to an SNL Korea and what, Tablo joining YG Entertainment?! And that’s just skimming the surface of what 2011 brought along.

But with 2012 comes the promise of a whole new slew of promotions from Korea’s best music acts (including the 70+ idol groups out there) — we’re talking comebacks with bigger and better concepts, choreographies, and music.

(parts not related to Big Bang were ommitted )

3. Big Bang

Why We’re Excited: 2011 was quite an eventful year for these five. After a two-year period of pursuing solo projects, ending with GD&TOP and Seungri’s VVIP album debut, Big Bang came back together for hugely successful “Tonight” and “Love Song” promotions. They then jetted off to Japan for their Love & Hope tour in May, but the short vacation period following the tour soon turned into a longer hiatus after Daesung’s involvement in a fatal car accident.

A few Daesung-less appearances later, 2011 was on its way out the door when Big Bang was revealed to be a nominee for MTV Europe’s inaugural Worldwide Act award at the EMAs… a competition which VIPs totally owned by the way, putting their boys back into the international spotlight!

Back in the public’s good graces (for the most part) and riding the wave of all the positive coverage of Big Bang’s EMA win, YG soon revealed that Big Bang would be returning with a brand new album next March, complete with another Big Show concert tour! This may be the most anticipated comeback of the group’s career, with more pressure to exceed expectations (again) than ever.

Last Seen: Taking home their epic win for “Best Worldwide Act” at the 2011 MTV European Music Awards and performing at the YG Family Concerts in early December.

Expected Comeback: March 2012

Big Bang – “Love Song”

One of 2011’s most loved music videos, Big Bang’s “Love Song” boasts a sick landscape of a set, awesome camerawork, and plenty of miscellaneous apocalyptic scenery must-haves, including of course, exploding cars. Now that’s the way to get a music video made. (See newest YG artist Tablo’s “Tomorrow” featuring Big Bang’s own Taeyang if you don’t believe us).

Source: MTVK


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