2NE1 Chosen for Rookie Award in Japan

29 Dec

2NE1, which made its official Japan debut in September, will be winning the rookie award at the2011 Japan Record Awards.

According to Mainichi Digital on December 29, 2NE1 was chosen as the winning rookie at the 53rd Japan Record Awards, which awards winners selected by the Japan Composer’s Association and is hosted by TBS.

The members of 2NE1 rehearsed for the ceremony on December 28 in Tokyo, and said, “We’re honored and very happy to be given such an award though it hasn’t been long since we made our debut in Japan.”

“We’ll work hard to be chosen for the Record Awards next year, the year after that and for many years to come,” they added.

About the performance they would showcase at the ceremony, they introduced it as a “performance that expresses a strong female image,” and emphasized, “Please keep your eyes on the performance in which we will act as if in a musical. We want to have fun with the people in the audience and our viewers.”

The Japan Record Awards will air on TBS on December 30.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan
Source: enewsworld


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