53rd Japan Record Awards, 2NE1: “We’re very happy”

29 Dec

The rehearsal for TBS channel’s end of the year tradition {53rd Japan Record Award} was open to public on the 28th. It took place in the New National Theatre in Tokyo, continuing on with last year’s pattern of inviting the press to the rehearsal. 4-member South Korean girl group 2NE1 were chosen as one of the Rookie of the Year awardees. “We just made our Japan debut, and us receiving such a prestigous award is an honour. We’re very happy,” the girls said with great joy. “We’ll do our very best to be chosen as awardees in the Record aWards next year, the year after, and all the succeeding years to come,” they vowed with great enthusiasm.

Their performance is something to look forward to and keep an eye on!

2NE1 are the younger sisters of BIGBANG, the Best Rookie of the Year awardee in the 51st Japan Record Awards. Following on with winning this significant award, there are high expectations for 2NE1.

The 53rd Japan Record Awards will be taking place on the 30th of December, starting at 6:30PM on TBS.

Sources: innolifeoricon

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