Texas KissFM Reports on 2NE1

1 Jan

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What has over 6 million channel views, more then 100 million combined video views and more then 250,000 subscribers? 2NE1 – To Anyone, that’s what. 2NE1 is an all girl group in Korea that seems to be getting quite the hype and yet I have no idea who they are. 

When I came across this teaser for the new single Hate You on Youtube, I stopped and checked it out, being that it was the most viewed video at the time. Watching it I thought it was a preview for an animated cartoon that was out of Japan or something. It caught my eye, I decided to see what else it was about and why it was so popular and if I should care.

I checked out the profile page, turns out this Hate You teaser was a teaser for a song video. I couldn’t believe what I was watching was supposed to be a song video! Moving on, I checked out some more of they’re songs like this one Can’t Nobody and I gotta tell you wow! How are these girls getting over looked on radio play!

So I did some more digging and it turns out they aren’t going to be overlooked for long. They are working with the every so popular singer/song writer/producer will.i.am of the Black Eye Peas! This guy puts out gold when he puts his hands on studio music! It looks like we will be hearing from 2NE1 here in the go ‘ol US of A before the end of the year with 10 songs already recorded and ready to go.

Keep your eyes open for this sweet & sour platter of hottness after the Black Eye Peas wrap up their world tour!
Because whether they tickle your ear drums, or gouge your ear drums, they’ll definitely be easy on the eyes!

NOTE: Kiss FM 976.9 is a popular pop station from in Texas.


Credits: Dallas Chambers@Kissfm969 via ygladies.com

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