Girl Group “April Kiss” Wants to Compete with 2NE1

2 Jan

April Kiss (Hangul: 에이프릴 키스) is a new group of girls from South Korea they are under Agency, Andy Bros. This is the group of bi-Racial and consists of members of Sumin, Coo.G, Haejeun, Sarah, Julie & Shiho.
The group has been revealed that they were dubbed as Female 2PM with average height 173 cm and they claim to boast such an impressive performance style like 2PM. They debute on 1st September on Mnet Countdown with Hello Bus

Recently , On 8th December when they performed in Indonesia for celebrating of the selection of Jeju Island (South Korea) and Komodo Island (Indonesia) as one of the seven wonders of the world they were sharing their grateful feeling for performing in Indonesia

We heard from Korean TV about Indonesia, and was glad to come up with two songs tomorrow. We do have the character from each of us , there is the cute one and the sexy one and many else , so we have a powerful performances. We want to compete with 2NE1, they are powerful, we want to be realized as such, but we’re waiting for an opportunity, “said Shiho and Haejeun

Source : & Gaul Tabloid & MellyBlog
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One Response to “Girl Group “April Kiss” Wants to Compete with 2NE1”

  1. jiyoung June 14, 2012 at 5:11 pm #

    you’re kidding me,right??2ne1?no wayy…ridiculous!!

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