Soul by Ludacris’ Website Shoot ‘Big Bang Calender’ To Celebrate Its Opening

2 Jan

The famous headphone brand endorsed by Big Bang, Soul by Ludacris is organizing an event to commemorate the opening of their homepage ( on 1st of January. 
You can find the features and basic information of their products, photos of  Big Bang members, videos and announcements,etc in their Korea official homepage. Customers can also register to get  their products’certifications there.

Starting from 1st to 20th of this month, after registering at their homepage and leaving a comment at their official cafe, you can automatically join their celebration event. 200 applicants will be selected to get a coupon which is worthy of  1200 wons.

In addition, the customers who make their online purchase through the site can also get a ‘2012 Big Bang Special Calender’ as a gift.

‘2012 Big Bang Special Calender’ is of a desktop size and can be used as postcards. The black and gold trendy design is very eye-catching. The pictures used are from the unreleased cuts of 2011 MTV EMA (Europe Music Awards) which took place in London.

The domestic market manager said, ‘ the official website is open in order to provide a more convenient way for the customers to experience our products. We will do our best to enhance the communication between us and the customers.’

Source: kmomnews
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates


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