Translation of Dara’s Answers on Rudo Magazine

3 Jan

Q1: Men’s fashion you like are?
D: Something that gives an impression. Pair looks. I wonder how that’ll be… I’m not sure though (laugh).Q2: The type of man you like is?
D: A tough younger man who is cute.Q3: A word to the gruff men?
D: I think it’s really good. I also want to wear that kind of style (vest style).

Q4: Your own charm point is?
D: My shy manner. Blush.

Q5: The thing that made you happy recently?
D: I disliked animals quite a bit but because of my cat, I’ve gotten used to them.

Q6: The thing you want to do most in Japan (place you want to go)?
D: Shopping.

Q7: The Japanese word that you’ve remembered recently is? (give reason)
D: “Please support us!” (I am the Public Relations Director so I say this as I give out business cards).

Q8: The person you want to meet the most? (famous people, renowned people, family)
D: My prince who will visit me.

Q9: Secrets of members that only you know are?
D: BOM-chan seems to be lucky when she wears red underwear (laugh).
(T/N: “-chan” is an affectionate term for names)

Q10: What’s the thing you have that you think you won’t lose to against the other members?
D: Memory and management of 2NE1’s schedules.

Q11: Which member would you change places with? (give reason)
D: My nickname is “sick little animal” so I want to become MINZY and move around powerfully.

Q12: If you weren’t working as a part of 2NE1 now, what do you think you’d be?
D: It’d be neat if I was an actress, acting. But I’m lazy (laugh) so as someone’s wife.

Q13: One line you’d say in front of the person you like?
D: “Tell me your mobile phone number”.

Q14: What’s the one thing you need most right now?
D: Supplements good for the body and herbal medicine.

Q15: About Japanese men’s fashion.
D: It’s fun just to look at them.

Q16: About Japanese women’s fashion.
D: The same, it’s fun to look at. I learn lots about fashion.

Q17: Food you like in Japan.
D: CoCo Ichi Curry!

Q18: Places you like in Korea.
D: The city where it doesn’t sleep, (open for) 24 hours.

Q19: What you like about Japan.
D: All the small things are so cute.

Q20: The Japanese actors and talents you like are?
D: YamaP-san (Yamashita Tomohisa).

Q21. A message to the readers, please.
D: Please research about 2NE1’s charm! Also, please support us.


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