2NE1 and Big Bang Included in MTV K’s Most Memorable MVs of 2011

4 Jan

Just three days into 2012, and we’ve already got a handful of teasers and releases from rookie groups and seasoned veterans alike. But before we move onto a brand new year of comebacks and debuts, let’s take a look at some of 2011′s most memorable music videos.

We picked ten of our favorites from the past year, from the obvious picks (ie. Big Bang‘s award-winning “Love Song”) to those we think deserve a second watch (ie. JOO‘s totally underrated MV for “Bad Guy”).
In no particular order, here are MTV K’s picks for Most Memorable MVs of 2011:

GD&TOP — “Knock Out”

Released: January 3, 2011

Why We Loved It: As much as we love Big Bang with the full roster of five, we’re so glad GD&TOP happened. Kicking off 2011 with one of the freshest, most laid-back MVs of the year, GD&TOP continued to show off the results of blending their unique tastes into an entirely new style. The Diplo-produced song itself was eventually banned from all three major broadcasting stations for its “harmful” use of slang, but it’s hard to imagine a performance that lives up to this visually-appetizing video. By no means are we endorsing the use of scantily-clad female back dancers (or pastel-colored eyebrows, for that matter), but there’s just so much greatness going on in this MV: The fashion, the bubble wrap, the butt chairs, and of course, a cameo by the one and only Gaho.

Big Bang — “Love Song” 

Released: April 13, 2011

Why We Loved It: After surpassing expectations with their fourth mini album early last year, Big Bang soon followed up “Tonight” promotions with “Love Song,” but the group began winning awards on music shows before they even took their first step back on the stage. Sure, it’s a fantastic song, but we can’t help but think their epic MV played a small part in getting those wins. The cinematography and production, from the camera work and timing to the post-apocalyptical set and all its accompanying props, is nothing short of impressive, making it one of our favorite MVs of the year. “Love Song” nabbed the 2011 MAMA for Best Music Video back in November — good to know we’re not the only ones who loved it.

2NE1 — “Ugly”

Released: July 27, 2011

Why We Loved It: Don’t let the video’s title fool you – “Ugly” is anything but ugly. YG Entertainment girl group 2NE1, known for their powerful stage presence and unwavering confidence, delivered another memorable MV filled with gorgeous cinematography and an equally beautiful message. Featuring sweeping camera shots and a close attention to detail, this visually stunning piece of work captures a softer – but still strong – image of 2NE1. Fans easily related to the song’s comforting lyrics, which capture the not uncommon concerns of self-worth and beauty. The members rock out in front of a building labeled “PLASTIC ZONE,” which blatantly targets a major underlying issue of mainstream K-pop. Unorthodox in both its topic and production style, “Ugly” steps outside of the box and onto our list of 2011’s best music videos.


Source: MTV K



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