YG Entertainment hints at an earlier comeback for Big Bang

4 Jan

For the past month, Big Bang has been dropping hints on their March comeback. According to industry officials, however, the boys could be making their return a month earlier than expected.

The boys had planned to release an album ahead of their ‘Big Show‘ concert in March. Officials believe that in order for this to be possible, their album has to be released by late February at the latest.

Taeyang recently revealed to Star News, “We’re planning for our ‘Big Show’ concert in March, and around that time, Big Bang will release a new album. Whether it’s an official studio album or a mini-album has yet to be decided.”

Officials have been noticing that YG Entertainment has been pooling all of their resources into Big Bang’s comeback album lately. They’ve been rushing to enlist music video directors and have concentrated their staff on its release.

Additionally, the members have already recorded a number of new songs together over their hiatus, thus lending weight to the claims made by officials that the album may be released by mid-February at the earliest.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver


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