Uhm Jung Hwa States That CL is One of The Top Sexy Queens and Singers in The Industry

5 Jan

On January 4th, singer and actress Uhm Jung Hwa alongside actor Hwang Jung Min and Director Lee Suk Hoon attended the press screening of her latest comedy movie “Dancing Queen”at Seoul’s Wangshipri CGV.

Uhm Jung Hwa highly praised Lee Hyori and 2NE1′s CL at the screening stating the two as being the top sexy queens and singers in the current industry. Uhm Jung Hwa added that CL’s eyes gaze is very sexy.

In the movie “Dancing Queen” Uhm Hung Hwa is the a wife of Seoul mayoral candidate (played by Hwang Jung Min)who challenges to become a dance singer without her husband knowing.

‘Dancing Queen’ is set to premier on January 19, 2012.


Source: http://news.nate.com
Translated by: Sieljjang@CLTheBaddestFemale.com


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