G-Dragon Cherishes his Fan Letters

6 Jan

Earlier this morning, Big Bang was spotted at the Kimpo International Airport on their way to Japan for the “15th Anniversary YG Family Concert”.
A photographer for a local media snapped a photo of G-Dragon as he was walking towards the gate. In the photo, G-Dragon is holding his passport by his face in order to avoid the camera flashes. What’s interesting about the photo is the fan letter inside his passport.

G-Dragon and his fans are well-known for having a special relationship. Last year, the multi-talented Big Bang leader announced that he will not be accepting birthday gifts from his fans in order to lessen the burden. Instead, his fans donated $20,000 to a hospital. Moved by his fans’ good deeds, G-Dragon decided to donate another $50,000 to the same hospital. Looks like G-Dragon takes every fan’s love and support very seriously. No wonder he has such a large fan base!

source: Soompi


One Response to “G-Dragon Cherishes his Fan Letters”

  1. lee gae in April 9, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    Wow…..the big bang leader is good( kwon ji-yong/ g dragon) me is big bang fans: v.I.P.^0^ saranghamnida g dragon you is so cute….^0*

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