GDragon Named as The “Style Icon” of 2012

6 Jan


In the year of Black Dragon (according to the Chinese Calendar), we want to know which star can be crowned as the ‘fashionista’ of the year and only Big Bang ‘s G-Dragon can live up to the title.
In fact, in 2008, G-Dragon was selected as the 3rd in  ‘A Design Award and Competition’ and he was the youngest male artist who won the award in this competition. Moreover, he has also been selected as one of the top 10 in the section of  ‘Style Icons’ which attracts much attention from the public.
Furthermore, when he was carrying out his solo activities in 2009, the famous brand ‘Louis Vuitton’ also sponsored him but not other Hollywood stars. We can see how great G-Dragon’s influence is here.
▲ Choosing the right pattern and vivid colours
It is not easy to give one single definition to G-Dragon’s fashion style.
His fashion style can be called ‘Rock Chic’ Style since he wears school uniforms as part of his customes which brings us a tinge of ‘prepeppy’ look.
Nevertheless, if it is to say that there is a priniciple which govens the fashion style of G-Dragon, we can say that it is his courage of mix and match the colours and patterns.
In addition, without bonding to the typical way of wearing clothes, he likes matching a jacket with classic checker pattern and a tie. Together with a pair of white sunglasses of rock chic style and metallic jewelry, it brings out a nice mix and match effect.
Another strength of G-Dragon’s fashion style is that he has the ability to blur the distinction between men and women.
The fact that G-Dragon has a collection of women’s wear has attracted attention from the public; however, it is the unique style of him and he even has the ability to wear women’s wear well.
 ▲Hats, sunglasses, scarves,  etc.,making use of these small items is the key of perfecting the style
The optimum utilization of various small items is one of the most important techniques in creating G-Dragon’s style.  All of these items like sunglasses, glasses, hats and scaves are well managed by him to address the shortcomings of having a relatively tiny body.
In fact. using assesseries well is a good way to make a relatively tiny person to look bigger.
There is no specific rule for G-Dragon to match the colours and materials of the assessories to his clothes, It can be called ‘the style of G-Dragon’.
In one situation, he was wearing a T-shirt of Marc Jacobs Collection, a blue belt, a red leather bracelet and a matching hat. The whole look gives out a feeling of Hopi which is very eye-catching.
However, as a gifted fashionista, G-Dragon keeps less than 3 kinds of accessories on his body.
It is the way how G-Dragon creates his very unique fashion style.
Source: Osen
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates

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